The Old Home Day Art & Craft Show is an annual tradition that gives all artists and craftsmen in Carlisle the opportunity to share their creativity with all who venture into Union Hall during the day’s many activities to view the show. Effort was made last year to contact many of the artists and craftsmen in town to encourage them to participate, and the response was overwhelming. We had a terrific turnout of submissions and attendees. But we know we did not reach everyone, and so have every reason to anticipate an even bigger and better show this year, as we build on the list from last year and increase outreach. There is no need to wait to be contacted, however. All are welcomed to be a part of this celebration of all things creative here in Carlisle.

The OHD Art and Craft Show, 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, is a way for all ages and all levels of ability and accomplishment, to celebrate with each other and with friends and neighbors, what makes Carlisle such a special place.

Here are some particulars…

The show is not juried, anyone can enter from one to four pieces of work. There is $1 fee for each entry.

There are five categories…
Preschool to 4th grade (grade last completed.)
5th grade to 8th
High School
Adult non-professional
Adult professional
No pre registration is required, just bring your piece(s) to the FRS Union Hall on Friday afternoon, June 24, between 4 and 7 p.m., sign up and fill out the labels. All pieces must be ready to hang or otherwise display. Anything needing to be hung must have a wire, cord, hole or hook on the back that is strong enough to be safely hung on a hook. If pieces are submitted that do not meet this requirement there will be a table with supplies and volunteers where for a fee, the necessary work can be done.

We leave it up to the individual to decide whether to categorize themselves as a pro or not. In any of these categories you are permitted to put a price on your piece and sell it if you wish. 10% of any sale will be donated to the Old Home Day Fund.

First, second and third place awards will be chosen in each of the categories. There will also be a Best in Show selected from among the non-professional entries. At the suggestion of last year’s judges, we will institute Honorable Mention awards. Winners will be posted by the time the show opens Saturday morning. On Old Home Day, visitors to the show will be invited to vote on the People’s Choice award – each person may cast only one ballot. The winner will be announced at 1:30.

All artwork must be picked up at the end of the show between 1:30 and 2:30.
Again this year the Carlisle Artisans will invite all the first place winners to be Guest Artisans in their Gallery at 13A Lowell Street for the months of July and August, to display their winning works and to offer them for sale, but only if they wish.

For more information on all aspects of the OHD Art and Craft Show, please call 978-287-0049 or email