WHO:  The past few years, The National Charity League has supplied us with a bevy of volunteers to work the event which requires the following 20 +/- people:


(1 - 3 people) This event is best run with CO-Chairs that ideally get family members involved for set up and clean up and work casually over the year to recruit/schedule volunteers and maintain the box of supplies.  This allows for continuity from year to year because vacation schedules sometime change.

Cake Ladies

(1 - 2 people) maintain cakes within Town Hall for later distribution starting at 2pm

(3 people minimum) to work the Red/White/Blue sections of the winning selection table starting at 4:30pm

Circle Workers

(4 - 8 people PER HOUR) These volunteers staff the ‘musical chairs’ format for the game - collecting tickets and/or directing traffic and handing out prize ‘chits’


(2) Usually the husbands of the Co-Chairs - these guys set up at the end of the Town Hall driveway to sell tickets and collect funds to run the games

Number Caller

(1) Honoree (it can in fact be the Most Honored Citizen from that day or previous years but it can be anyone) Their job is to work the BINGO machine to determine the winner for each game.

Musical Entertainment has been a paid professional but can be volunteer(s)


WHAT: The OHD Cake Walk is a game of musical chairs!  The ‘winner’ receives a cake for being seated in the chair which number is selected as the music ends.  A plea to the town through the mosquito via OHD PR goes out for decorated cakes to be entered into the cake contest that takes place in the morning as well as donated (simple) cakes to be delivered to Town Hall.  It is common practice that people should be encouraged to bring a cake when they come to participate.


WHERE: This event usually runs in the front parking lot of Town Hall although in case of rain we often plan to move it to Union Hall in FRS.


Set up at town hall begins around 3pm and requires a pre-arranged number of banquet tables and chairs to be delivered by the DPW and OHD volunteers.  The OHD shed contains the stantions for delineating the lines as well as the buckets and collapsable pipes that form the arches used to determine the opening of each musical chair circle.


WHEN: Cakes are moved from the decorating contest to Town Hall around 2pm.  Set up starts around 3 - decorating the arches, putting out chairs, setting up tables for cake eating and distribution, sound system, etc..People arrive to buy tickets around 4:30 - the first games begin at 5pm and go until the last cake is won.


WHY: To have FUN while raising FUNDS!  Tickets are 50 cents each or 3 for one dollar. Tickets are not refundable. Tickets can not be saved and reused.