Ice Cream Social


One month before, talk with Tamma Duffy at Great Brook farm and give her the date of the Social/OHD.  Approach the local Girls Scouts and find out if any of the girls would like to volunteer to scoop.  You will need roughly 4 -6 people.


About 2 weeks prior to OHD, give Tamma the estimate of servings.  She will then determine how much ice cream, chocolate sauce, strawberries and whip cream will be delivered.


2-3 days prior to OHD, if the weather looks to be disagreeable, then you can change quantities.  She needs some notice for defrosting strawberries.


The logistics folks of Old Home Day and the DPW will have tables arranged under tents either on the Green or on the ball field depending on where it is to be held.


You will need table cloths, napkins, bowls, spoons, garbage bags, water, duct tape, paper towels, handi-wipes (there is usually a bunch of supplies left over from year to year).


Half an hour before scooping, Tamma will arrive with all ice cream supplies.


The treasurer will deliver a cash box which is returned to her at the end of the evening.  The treasurer will need to know what denominations are needed.


Pricing for the ice cream is kept to $2 or $3 even though our costs exceed that.  This is a part of the tradition of Old Home Day and charging higher prices tends to dampen that “Old Home Day” spirit.